Monday, 17 January 2011


My essay I'm writing at the moment is about multimodal communication; essentially it is about how we use more than one method of communication.Whilst trying to work I got distracted, nothing unsual there. I'm in one of those state of minds where I can't decide what to write and am feeling somewhat.. puzzled.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Bullet Sneeze

You may  have already read this bizarre story but if you haven't in summary he got shot in the right side of his head, the bullet passed behind his eye and managed to lodge itself in his nostril. Amazingly not only did he survive but he went on to sneeze the bullet out of his nostril. Incredible really!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Alice Nails

I got bored yesterday so did this with my new nail kit. After watching Alice in Wonderland I felt a little inspired - I think they came out quite well for a first attempt.

New Year

Happy New Year!!

What have we got to look forward to at the beginning of 2011 then?

Well....The only way is up! Pretty positive saying however when it comes to tax perhaps it is not so great. The tax has been raised to 20%  now. So along with general consumer products increasing in price we also see a 3p rise in petrol which is highly likely to rise again. Also TFL have once again greeted their London travellers with another price rise in the new year.

So with a little excess weight gained over Christmas and travel and petrol prices increasing.. maybe it is time to uncover the bicycle from the garage and get pedalling!

(Hmm... more snow forecast, maybe not!)