Friday, 30 September 2011

Power of Music

One song can overwhelm you with feelings so much so that when the music stops you crave for more. I often get that with songs. Music for me sets a tone and a mood, when I hear certain songs I can't help but let my mind wonder. I like to match the songs to scenes from a film I have created in my mind. Most people say they love music and I am not denying them that passion but sometimes I wonder how much people really let the music take over them. I find it can provide me with a momentary escape from reality. I have never been taught the piano but I often find myself there making up songs just because of the pure enjoyment. I really hope that everyone experiences this feeling from a song or a piece of music because it is so gratifying.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lovely Videos

Today I have seen two videos on Youtube which I think are worth watching.

The first is a collection of drawings from a Chilean artist called Fredo. He makes his drawings look 3D and I personally think he produces great art work.

The second video is amazing and a touch emotional, if you like monkeys and chimps like I do then you have to watch it. The chimps are released into the sunlight for the first time in their lives after being tested on in labs. Their reaction is so heart-warming and human-like that you can't help but feel extremely sorry for them and angry that they have been treated like emotionless animals because they clearly prove otherwise!

Friday, 2 September 2011

New Shorts!

I recently went through my wardrobe and found an old pair of jeans. Their original design was ripped down the front but due to the fact that I loved them so much and wore them frequently, the rips turned into the front of the jeans being practically full open leg. They were stylish skinny jeans from ASOS but because I new I wouldn't wear them anymore I thought they deserved an update. So I took the scissors from the sewing box and cut away many times to get a new pair of shorts. This included my friends trying to help me but instead nearly stabbing me in the leg with the scissors. However... I now own a new pair of denim shorts which I love wearing and wish I had created them before summer! Now all I want is to hack away at the rest of my clothes and create a new wardrobe, but I have enough sense to realise if I did this I would probably end up with a very summery and inappropriate wardrobe as we head towards the winter months :(

Well here they are! I wish I could have done a before and after pic. Maybe I will sift through my old photos to see if there are any of me wearing the jeans, if not just use your imagination and get snipping away yourself!