Thursday, 3 March 2011


When people talk about fears I have never been one to say I am affraid of heights. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and quite happily looked down to the streets, however this was most likely due to the fact that I knew I wouldn't fall. My dad works in London and when I visited him at his office (building opposite the Gherkin) he took me into one of the meeting rooms where the windows are just glass walls. From here the views of London are impressive however it took a minute before I plucked up the courage to stand right next to the glass and look out over the city; having no "visible" barrier seemed to let the fear of heights creep into me.
 From my phone - view of London

So what happens when every morning you go to work which just so happens to be at the top of a 1,768 foot (538m) transmission tower? Well to let everyone know these guys filmed their climb to work which involves using their strength to physically climb up the tower with no safety ropes or anything, just free climbing (with the occassional break). I think the only perk of the job is the 55 mile view of the world! This is a much watch video but one which will most likely make your tummy turn!

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