Thursday, 23 June 2011

Comic Book Nails

The other day I was painting my nails and lacking inspiration on how to paint them. I wanted them to be quite bright and then I thought of the written comic book sound effects. I've had quite a few comments on these nails, they didn't even take me that long to do either which is a plus! I managed to paint the nails on both hands, but my left hand hasn't quite mastered the art of taking a photograph. They read pow, zap, bang, zzz, boom, pop, vroom, ooof and two exclamation marks!!


  1. I love the ooof! :) all very good..nix xxx

  2. These are SO cute!
    I wish I had the patience to do them myself!

  3. Funky cute nails, so cool, im now following , please id love for u to follow my beauty blog


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