Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Facebook Cartoons

Recently on Facebook lots of people changed their profile picture to a cartoon character from their childhood. If you knew about it, whether you took part or not, you probably knew that it was to raise awareness for violence against children. I thought it was a great idea especially with the recent number of cases in England where devastatingly young and vulnerable children have lost their lives to the hands of a care giver.
What I found surprising is the people who were quick to dismiss it as stupid and ineffective. Some people saying what's the point, it won't save the children. The whole purpose was to bring awareness to a terrible issue, of course something like this won't save anyone. Some people even suggested that it was a scam ran by paedophiles... I'm not sure if they know that that is not a definition for cartoon fans?
Anyway, my point is people should be less quick to judge and scrutinize and more inclined to get involved in something simple for a good cause.

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