Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nail Art

I love painting my nails; I love experimenting with different colours and patterns. A lady sitting opposite me on a bus once told me that she thought my nails looked great. My nails are not naturally strong and they annoyingly tend to break quite easily therefore, I have never had false nails put on because people who have had them say they really weaken your nails. Although I think fake nails can look really good I try and make mine look good just through nail paints and accessories. Two things I have recently discovered are Nail Effects by Barry M and Nail Art Crystals by Girls With Attitude.
With Nail Effects you paint a base colour on your nails (or two in my case) and then when it is dry you simply paint over with this black nail varnish. As it dries cracks begin to appear and it creates this amazing effect on your nails.
I think the crystals are great. So many times I have bought nail accessories only for them not to stick, peel off or fall off soon after. These ones actually stay on and are really simple to apply.You just put them onto dry nail varnish and then apply a top coat and there you have it, amazing nails without huge cost or effort!

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