Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Random Facts

Today I randomly decided that my boyfriend and I should find out one random fact each day about anything and tell each other. I love finding out things like this. For my 21st birthday I requested some books in this genre and I was given a booked titled 'The Great Book of British Usefless Information' by Hannah Warner. It has all sorts of facts from things such as "Adrian Chiles was once asked to join the MI5; however, he failed the second interview" to "In 19th-century England it was considered disrespectful to point at the moon". I personally love these pointless yet fascinating facts and would recommend the book to anyone who also enjoys reading them.

So today, after suggesting the idea to my boyfriend, I looked up 'weird and wonderful facts'. The first page I came across had a fact titled "Fragile Spider" and being an extreme arachnophobe this drew me in. The fact reads :

"Tarantulas have an exoskeleton (that means its skeleton is on the outside) like crayfish and crabs. They shed their exoskeleton regularly – normally by lying on their back... Because the exoskeleton is very fragile, if a tarantula is dropped from a low height, it will shatter and die."

 Although this may be quite useful were I ever confronted by a tarantula the thought of me picking one up in order to drop it in the first place is not something I particularly would like to imagine, however I thought it was a fact worth sharing. (If you were wondering what my boyfriend's fact was, he told me how to kill a snake if it were attacking you. This involves playing dead when it is suffocating you, letting it eat you from your feet to your knees and then getting out your trusty knife to cut off its head....)

It may not be the most desirable of themes to start with I think its a great idea and would encourage people to start looking up facts mainly for fun but it is also a great way to improve your general knowledge and maybe win a few pub quizzes once in a while!

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